Sunday, November 1, 2015

Singapore Botanic Gardens - 6th Asian Bird Fair

Visited the botanic gardens today for the 6th Asian Bird Fair, quite a friendly crowd with strong interests in birds and conservation :) so tempted to embark on a birding trip to Taiwan, hopefully next year April!! 

went on a little walk from Botanic Gardens MRT station, instead of my usual start from Tanglin Gate side, quite a fair bit of walking but lots of see as usual :)

Cochlospermum religiosum flowering
Bambusa laxa
Bambusa laxa
Cordyline flowering!
More Cordyline flowering
Ficus deltoidea flowering
Ardisia comosa fruits
Unique Ardisia sp. leaves
Piper marsupliferum
Strobilanthes maculata

Bixa orellana  fruits
Eupatorium capillifolium
Sauropus spatulifolius
Suregarda multiflora flowering! - the flowers look like little stars glistening
Suregarda multiflora
Aglaia odorata
Suregarda multiflora fruits
Myrisitica fragrans fruits - Nutmeg
Theobroma cacao fruit
Tabernaemontana aurantiaca fruits
Tabernaemontana aurantiaca
Neptunia plena
Phyllodium longipes flowering
Sauropus androgynus fruits!
Sauropus androgynus  flowers
Sauropus androgynus - they remind me of little mangosteens
Rivina humilis flowering and fruiting
Goniothalamus tapis flower!!!
Goniothalamus macrophyllus flowers
Polyalthia hookeriana flower
Polyalthia hookeriana
Horsfieldia crassifolia flowering!
Horsfieldia crassifolia
Shorea bracteolata flowering
Shorea bracteolata
Phyllanthus emblica fruiting
Anaxagorea javanica fruits and flower buds!
Anaxagorea javanica
Ficus villosa figging
Ficus villosa
Borassodendron machadonis flowering
Borassodendron machadonis  fruits
Borassodendron machadonis
Borassodendron machadonis  fallen flowers
Unknown succulent

 Only managed to photograph these before it started to rain heavily in the late afternoon, thank goodness I already made my way to the Botany centre before the heavy downpour

Till next time :)

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