Thursday, October 29, 2015

Visit to Sun Plaza Park after 2 years hiatus

Can't believe it's already 2 years since I was here, nothing much has changed haha except the shrubs along the road are so much taller and mature now :)

Iconic landmark in SPP

Tabebuia rosea winged seeds!
Cissus sp. climber flowering
Tabebuia rosea seed pods
Gnetum gnemon
Gnetum gnemon
Corymbia ptychocarpa flower buds and fruits
Tectona grandis fruits
Melaleuca cajuputi
Xanthostemon sp. flowering
Flacourtia inermis flowering, with a ripe red fruit
Flacourtia inermis flowering
Alstonia scholaris flowering
Ending this post with a not so friendly looking spider O.O 

till next time :)

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