Monday, August 10, 2015

Trip to MacRitchie after a long hiatus

It has been such a long hiatus...due to family commitments, I barely had any time to visit any nature reserves during the month of July so here's my trip today!

Missed the place so much that I had to visit it on a public holiday but regretted it instantly due to the large crowds T.T weekdays are preferred definitely

Moving on to cheerful stuff :)

Gordonia flower
Ficus fruits
Wikstroemia ridleyi flowers
Ixora congesta flower buds
Wikstroemia ridleyi unripe fruits
Chassalia fruits
Tetracera indica flower
Aidia densiflora fruiting profusely throughout the forest
Ficus aurata fruits
Ficus aurata
Forest cockroach?
Cream-vented bulbul (Pycnonotus simplex)
Coscinium fenestratum
Erythropalum scandens flowers
Ampelocissus elegans 
Adenanthera malayana leaves
Clerodendrum laevifolium flowers
Aidia densiflora fruits
Ploiarium alternifolium
Ploiarium alternifolium flowers
Melaleuca cajuputi
Mayaca fluviatilis flowers
Nepenthes flowers
Melastoma malabathricum fruits
Ploiarium alternifolium seed pods
Pternandra echinata fruit
Ficus fruits
Rhodamnia cinerea fruits
Juvenile leaves of Artabotrys sp
Juvenile leaves of Artabotrys sp
Plectocomia sp.
Interior of Annonaceae flower - Desmos sp?
 cf. Desmos sp
Clerodendrum laevifolium fruit
Clerodendrum laevifolium fruits
Aidia densiflora fruits
Trigonachras acuta flowering!!
Trigonachras acuta
Close up of Trigonachras acuta 
Parkia speciosa flowers
Trigonachras acuta
Trigonachras acuta
Ixora congesta
Bauhinia semibifida
Clerodendrum laevifolium fruits
Rhodamnia cinerea
Rhodamnia cinerea
Elaeocarpus young leaf
Willughbeia flower buds
Glochidion lutescens
Glochidion lutescens fruiting
Ficus xylophylla
ID welcomed
Dasymaschalon dasymaschalum
Gordonia fruits
Aidia densiflora fruits
Common Faun (Faunis canens arcesilas)
Common Faun (Faunis canens arcesilas)
Common Faun (Faunis canens arcesilas)
Strombosia javanica seedling
Unknown plant with interesting leaf shape
Magnolia villosa
Phaeanthus ophthalmicus  fruits
ID welcomed
ID welcomed
Daemonorops sp fruits
Artabotrys sp. flower petals
Pavetta fruits
Kokoona reflexa seeds!
ID welcomed
Interesting how people avoid seeing stuff that doesn't benefit them....
Thottea grandiflora seed pods
Licuala grandis fruits by the bus stop
Morinda citrifolia flowers

Hope I can find more time in August to visit more places! Till next time :)

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