Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Short walkround in SBG, National Orchid Garden and Orchid Exhibition

Had a little time today to walk around SBG, made sure I visited all my favourite plants :) Did a little visit to the orchid exhibition as well as the Shirley Shirwood collection @ CDL gallery.

Bunchosia argentea, commonly known Peanut butter fruit! 
Bunchosia argentea flowering
Anaxagorea javanica leaves - too bad it isn't flowering
Pentace triptera underside of leaves
Dioon spinulosum aka Giant Dioon
Dioon spinulosum aka Giant Dioon leaves
Encephalartos altenstelinii aka Bread Tree
Encephalartos altenstelinii aka Bread Tree
Costus sp.
Goniothalamus macrophyllus flowering!
Desmos chinensis leaves
Goniothalamus tapis fruits
Goniothalamus tapis flower
Polyalthia flower
Knema sp. fruits
Horsfieldia sucosa fruiting!!! - look at those pretty fruits!
Horsfieldia sucosa
Horsfieldia sucosa close up of fruit
Horsfieldia polyspherula leaves
Horsfieldia polyspherula developing fruit
Young leaves of Mesua ferrea
Mesua ferrea
Cyrtostachys renda aka Lipstick Palm fruits
Dillenia excelsa fruits
Aroid - ID welcomed
Syzygium erthrocalyx young leaf
Syzygium foxworthianum flower buds
Sclerochiton harveyanus flowers
Solanum flowers
Juanulloa aurantiaca flower
Juanulloa aurantiaca
Neonauclea pallida
Ardisia gigantifolia
Ficus villosa figging @ Palm valley!!!!
Ficus villosa
Ficus villosa
Ficus villosa
Ficus villosa - close up of the figs

Next up, flowering palms!
Oenocarpus bataua flowers
Calyptronoma occidentalis flowering
Borassodendron machadonis - fallen flowers
Borassodendron machadonis 
Borassodendron machadonis 
Borassodendron machadonis  developing fruits
Attalea insignis inflorescences
Licania tomentosa fallen fruits
Licania tomentosa
ID welcomed
Oncidium flowers
Tacca flowers!!!!
Tried to capture a little Yellow vented bulbul having a cute bath at the fountain but the hordes of tourists that followed didn't allow that :P
ID welcomed
ID welcomed
Aeschynanthus flower
ID welcomed
ID welcomed
Nematanthus flower
Medinilla fruits
ID welcomed
Dracula saulii
Garcinia nigrolineata fruiting
Garcinia nigrolineata
Bhesa paniculata fruiting
This little cutie fell on me when i was looking at Madhuca longifolia fruits
Madhuca longifolia
ID welcomed
Choriosa speciosa flower
One of my favourite climber - Phytocrene bracteata fruits
Bellucia pentamera leaves
Bellucia pentamera flower and fruits
Paphiopedilum niveum
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi
Dendrobium lineale
Dendrobium lasianthera
Dendrobium schulleri
Dendrobium bracteosum 'Alba'
Dendrobium discolor
Dendrobium sylvanum
Dendrobium lasianthera 
Dendrobium bicaudatum
Dendrobium bigibbum
Renanthera Singaporeans 
Anguloa clowesii aka Yellow Tulip Orchid
Anguloa clowesii


Back to National Orchid Garden after a long long time, I think my last visit was like more than 3 years ago...

Worth a visit if you have a love for orchids. I didn't spent much time inside there due to the large crowds and simply because of my lack of interest so I moved on fairly quickly...

Orchid Exhibition for SG50 - I took photos of mostly Orchid species, not much of cultivars..

And my favourite orchid!

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