Monday, April 13, 2015

Ravenala madagascariensis flowering!!

Exciting news indeed! A Traveller's Palm is flowering in Gardens by the  Bay!

It's definitely the first time I have ever seen a Traveller's Palm flowering in Singapore, i wonder what are the possible conditions that have trigger this rare event...

The Traveller's Palm, Ravenala madagascariensis, is actually a member of the Bird of Paradise family, Strelitziaceae and not a true palm. It is believed to be pollinated by lemurs in its native habitat. I googled for pictures of the seeds and they are covered with a bright blue aril!! How cool is that :P

Hopefully, it does get pollinated somehow, perhaps by bats? I would love to see the bright blue seed coverings! if anyone is interested, it is near the edge of the scented walk towards the waterfront, facing the Singapore flyer.

 till next time ;)

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