Sunday, February 16, 2014

Post CNY trip to CCNR

My first trip to the forest after Chinese New Year :) As usual, the forest is teeming with life and it never gets boring here! 

Erycibe tomentosa flower buds
Some unknown climber with lots of flower buds - ID welcomed! I am really curious about its identity, though I suspect it to be Aspidoterys concava 
Entarda spiralis leaves
Cissus nodosa fruits
Common Hedge Blue ( Acytolepis puspa lambi)  - quite a common sight here 
Clerodendrum villosum ripe fruit
Rubus moluccanus fruits - extremely prickly plant
Ficus globosa fruits
Ficus binnendijkii figging profusely but the fruits are not mature yet

Tiger Shrike (Lanius tigrinus
Unknown liana flower buds
Galearia fulva fruits
Lyssa zampa, also known as Swallowtail moth
Ixora congesta flower buds

Common Bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon luctatius)

The recent drought seem to have dried up quite alot of the wet areas, so now most of the forest floor is just plain awesome for butterfly puddling. 

Great Helen (Papilio iswara iswara) puddling! - I really needed to stay still in order to photograph these beauties
Cruiser (Vidula dejone erotella) puddling - it's a male

Common Bluebottles (Graphium sarpedon luctatius)
And my lucky streak for puddling butterflies was so awesome today!!!

A Five Bar Swordtail (Pathysa antiphates itamputi)!!!! puddling!!! I took quite a long time to chase this beauty as it was rather restless but nonetheless, still the best thing that happened to me!

Sterculia rubiginosa flowers
Sterculia rubiginosa flowers
Erycibe tomentosa fruits
Securidaca flowers
Agelaea macrophylla flowers
Arhopala sp.
Unknown flowers

Spotted a Cream-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus simplex)! 
Baccaurea bracteata flowers and some developing fruits

Osmelia philippina now with developing fruits that are the nicest tinge of pink
Not sure what insect is that...

Unknown flowers

Pellacalyx axillaris flowers
Laced Woodpecker (Picus vittatus) !

Gironniera nervosa flowers
Ceiba pentandra flower buds! - quite an interesting sight to see these on a almost bare tree, can't wait to see the flowers!
People always ask me - what is so fascinating about a forest that makes me so fascinated to go back again and again without fail?

I say - everything :)

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