Sunday, February 23, 2014

Encounter with the mysterious liana

Good weather and fruitful fieldtrips are the best combination to good mood! Getting myself lost in the forest, just listening to the birds and looking out for plants and butterflies. It was a good day :)

Gironniera nervosa flowering - quite a common tree here
Rothmannia macrophylla flowers - smelling like peach! so lovely
saw a Tiger Shrike (Lanius tigrinus) lurking in the understory, this eagle-eyed bird spotted me and flew off when I was still trying to get a better shot..
Noticed the beautiful pink blooms above me when I was busy photographing the shrike!
Such pretty flowers! They look like mini bouquets of pink flowers :)

Oncosperma horridum flowering - look at all those sharp spines on the trunk!
Malay Viscount (Tanaecia pelea pelea)
Commander (Moduza procris milonia)
Gnetum gnemonoides fruiting
Ziziphus calophylla flowering
Securidaca philippinensis flowering
Close up of Ziziphus flowers
Uncaria cordata - looks like fireworks!
Garcinia sp. fruiting
Dracaeana cantleyi flowering
The recent drought has dried up some parts of the stream so there were muddy areas that were great for butterfly puddling!! My first time seeing so many butterflies puddling at one spot!!
Can you spot all 7 of them?
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker (Dicaeum trigonostigma) - I have only managed to see it in the forest.
Archidendron clypearia fruiting
Baccaurea parviflora flower buds
Mystery liana's flowers
Lithocarpus fruits!! so cute

Ending this post with a cute Lithocarpus picture :)

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