Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Punggol Park

Punggol Park is situated along the Hougang Ave 8 and Ave 10. A fairly large park overlooking a beautiful pond located in the middle.

The vegetation is peppered with many Golden Shower trees (Cassia fistula) which lined the edges of the pond.


Flowers of the Syzygium myrtifolium

Lemon emigrant  (Catopsilia pomona) butterfly feeding on the flowers
Beautiful hanging flowers of the Barringtonia racemosa tree - it shares the same genus as the Fish poison tree ( Barringtonia asistica)

Pied trillers  (Lalage nigra) can be commonly seen feeding on caterpillars on the Cassia fistula trees.
Might be cotton stainer bug found on the kapok tree's cotton (Ceiba pentandra)
Typha angustifolia lined the sides of the pond where many herons and bitterns have been spotted foraging these dense vegetation
Fruits of the Flacourtia inermis tree - host plant for the Leopard butterfly that could be commonly found around these trees

lophanthera lactescens
Golden chain tree - flowers of Lophanthera lactescens
melaleuca cajuputi
Bottlebrush-like flowers of the native Melaleuca cajuputi tree

melaleuca cajuputi (2)

Flowering Melaleuca cajuputi tree - attracts many sunbirds and butterflies that feeds on the nectar

Punggol Park is a fairly interesting park with a water feature that provides us with the opportunities to see herons and bitterns as well as a interesting mix of tree species.

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