Monday, September 3, 2012

Pearl’s Hill City Park

Pearl's Hill City park is situated near Chinatown, minutes away from Outram MRT station. Yet it is so obscure that not many people know of its location or existence. The trees are quite mature and tall, forming a thick canopy covering much of the park which might appear as rather gloomy during rainy days.

Crowds are scarce in this park, and many visitors are the elderly that lives nearby in Chinatown. However, the hilly park has a terrain that is pretty unfriendly to those who are physically challenged or elderly.


One of the many staircases in the park
The park has a little pond which is very quiet and seldom frequented by people.

The peak of the park overlooks the large field with many mature trees where raptors have been seen soaring and perching in these trees.


costus curvibracteatus
The park has little shrub/herb vegetation, this is one of those planted near the built shelter ( Costus curvibracteatus)
ficus pumila
This is a common fig species, usually found growing on walls of concrete structures. (Ficus pumila)
ficus pumila (2)
Figs of the Ficus pumila


jacaranda obtusifolia
Flowers of the Jacaranda obtusifolia tree

Overall, this park is extremely quiet with little crowd. There are not much interesting vegetation planted or spotted.

Hope the park can impress me on my next visit.

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