Friday, August 3, 2012

Kallang Riverside Park

Kallang Riverside Park, one of the lesser known parks, is built along the sides of Kallang River. Crowds are relatively scarce as compared to other more popular parks. It is approximately 15mins from Lavender MRT station.

The Kallang River enables us to see many aquatic birds like the Herons and bitterns that are usually seen foraging along the banks of the river.


Albizia saman or the Rain trees lined the footpath

The MBS could be seen from here
The view is pretty good from the park, especially in the early hours of the day.

blue crown hanging parrot
Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot (Loriculus galgulus) found foraging on Cassia fistula, a very small bird that is more often heard than seen
bougainvillea sp.
Dense Bougainvillea patch on the rooftop of the shelter
grey heron
Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)
Tridax procumbens
One of the stray cats found there
Raptor, might be a  Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus), with prey that it caught from the river

Mimosa pudica
Mimosa pudica

Kallang Riverside Park surprised me with its diversity, and I am hoping to see more the next time round.

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