Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Day @ Bedok Town Park

Last day of 2012, people! No end of the world, hoorays!

Anyway, business as usual, I visited Bedok Town Park first thing in the morning :P

alstonia scholaris flower buds
Alstonia scholaris flower buds, they will definitely look better when in bloom
alstonia scholaris fruits
The fruits of Alstonia scholaris
baccaurea motleyana
Baccaurea motleyana fruits hanging from its tree trunk
callerya atropupurea fruits
Callerya atropurpurea fruits
This cat was on the tree, before I was too near for comfort, disappeared like the wind at the next moment...
Another one, super afraid of me.... Do I look very scary, carrying a camera??!!
lesser grass blue on wedelia

Lesser Grass Blue (Zizina otis lampa) on Sphagneticola trilobata

mangifera indica
Mango (Mangifera indica)
peacock pansy

Peacock Pansy (Junonia almana javana)

Phryganocydia corymbosa
Phryganocydia corymbosa
short banded sailor

Short-Banded Sailor (Phaedyma columella singa) - rather common in urban parks

striped albatross

Striped Albatross (Appias libythea olferna) male

swift on rondeletia leucophylla

Small Branded Swift (Pelopidas mathias mathias) feeding on Rondeletia leucophylla flowers

syzygium grande
The Syzygium grande trees are flowering!
terminalia catappa
Terminalia catappa leaves - I always liked its senescing leaves, gives off an autumn vibe :)

Happy New Year to everyone! :D

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