Friday, December 28, 2012

Snake encounter @ One North Park

Visited One North Park today, the weather was bright and sunny. Not many shelters and benches I can utilise to get some rest...But I am not complaining since sunny weather means I will get to see more stuff! :D
choco pansy

Chocolate Pansy (Junonia hedonia ida) - a very common butterfly that can be seen in almost all the parks that I have been to, but difficult to photograph as they fly off the slightest movement


Mating pair of Lesser Grass Blue (Zizina otis lampa)

This skipper's identity still eludes me, ID welcome :)
While walking towards a bench near the entrance, my friend spotted movement among the trunk of a Ficus benjamina and upon closer inspection, it was a snake!!!! so awesome !!! :D
paradise tree snake (2)

Paradise Tree Snake (Chrysopelea paradisi)

My friend confirmed it to be a Paradise Tree snake!!! I always liked to see snakes in parks, I guess it shows how well the park can sustain a predator like this :)

paradise tree snake

Paradise Tree Snake (Chrysopelea paradisi)

We saw it chomping down on a changeable lizard when we went nearer to observe it. And it was too close for comfort, so it released the lizard and  lost its meal. I am truly sorry, my dear snake!!! Must remind myself to keep a safe distance next time!

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