Thursday, December 6, 2012

MacRitchie Reservoir Park II

MacRitchie Reservoir Park has always been rather popular with visitors. There are joggers, water sports enthusiasts, leisure strollers as well as school kids there for school sporting events. Only in the later hours of the morning, will the park get a few hours of  solace.

Nonetheless, I still managed to see some biodiversity despite the human traffic, although birds are abit more difficult to see as they fly off the slightest movement..
cycad blue

Cycad Blue (Chilades pandava pandava) - i found it on its host plant, Cycas edentata

I am surprised how my photo turned so well, as I am using a 70-300mm lens :P

This little one was lazing beside the cafe..So cute!
tetracera indica flowers
Flowers of Tetracera indica climber - a native common climber
Parks, afterall are meant and created for human usage, I can't be too critical, can I? But i am still enjoying whatever biodiversity I get to see :D

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