Saturday, December 29, 2012

East Coast Park in the morning :)

It is always enjoyable to go East Coast Park early in the morning, the crowds are scarce and the seabreeze made everyone's moods left in the rising sun :)

callerya atropurpurea
Callerya atropurpurea flowers - the entire vicinity of the tree was covered with a purple carpet of flowers
common mime on saraca sp.
Saraca flowers are always a sight to see and it manages to attract the Common Mime (Papilio clytia)
Short Banded Sailor (Phaedyma columella singa)
Short Banded Sailor (Phaedyma columella singa) - a rather co-operative one for once
Centaur Oakblue (Arhopala centaurus nakula)
painted jezebel on saraca sp.
Painted Jezebel (Delias hyparete metarete) on Saraca sp.
sterculia sp.
Fruits of Sterculia sp.
tawny coster
Tawny Coster (Acraea terpsicore) - a recently discovered species found in 2006, usually found in urban parks
tawny coster on turnera sp.
Tawny Coster (Acraea terpsicore)
Stay tune for more visits :)

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