Sunday, September 16, 2012

Long tailed shrike @ JCP

Long-tailed Shrike (Lanius schach) !!!
long tail shrike
Pleasant surprise to see it here in Jurong Central Park!! One more location to see it, other than Sengkang Riverside Park :)
blue pansy

Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya wallacei)

Callistemon citrinus
Callistemon citrinus aka Bottlebrush Tree
citraxylum spinosum
Citharexylum spinosum flowers

Dolichandrone spathacea seed pods
gardenia tubifera (2)
Gardenia tubifera flower
gardenia tubifera
Gardenia tubifera flower
michelia champaca
Magnolia champaca flower - very nice smelling flowers, I remember one of the aunties I encountered in one of the parks remarking to me that more of these should be planted for its wonderful smell
rock pigeon
Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) - lots of them as well as Common Mynas flocking to the park due to the trash left behind by park-goes :(
tawny coster

Tawny Coster (Acraea violae)

That's all for an exciting day but extremely hot day at JCP  :D

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